Writing can be difficult. Finding the time, getting in the right frame of mind, not to mention  the lack of creativity.  What do you do to get creative? Do you read, watch televiosn, or go to the movies? I like to listen. Listen to my friends talk about theor projects. I also like to watch… Read More Writing

I love you, you are beautiful, I forgive you, and I hope you forgive me too

My friend recently attended a funeral mass and she was struck by the Priest’s comment that we should tell the people in our lives every day, “I love you, you are beautiful, and I forgive you” I might add, “I hope you forgive met too” such a lovely sentiment. So many times we hold grudges… Read More I love you, you are beautiful, I forgive you, and I hope you forgive me too

A Second Chance

New beginnings are so exciting. The summer is ending, and rather than signifying a sad event, it signals that school will begin again. Students are eager to return to school, teaches are working hard to get their classrooms ready, and parents are shopping for school supplies. New freshman are entering college and excited about a… Read More A Second Chance

Why I Read

I started reading when I was three. My grandmother in England had been a classical pianist in a symphony and taught at Cambridge University. My grandmother was an elegant woman, very refined, a connoisseur of tea, believed a child should have proper etiquette, and strive for the best education possible. I was a military brat… Read More Why I Read

On a Whim!

Recently a co-worker who is a teacher at the high school I teach at stated that he felt teachers that majored in a content area and not in Education wanted to teach on a whim. I did not speak up as I often keep my thoughts to myself in the work place. But I wanted to respond,… Read More On a Whim!