Teaching full-time is it possible anymore? Yes and no!

I originally wrote, “Teaching full-time is it possible anymore?” in November of 2011. At that time, I had recently graduated with a second master’s degree in Literature of the Humanities built on the philosophy of the “Great Books”. It was a very tough major but rewarding. My first master’s degree is in Liberal Studies from Fort Hays State University with a concentration in English and Reading. Since the time of writing my blog, I have completed a graduate certificate in rhetoric and composition from Indiana University East. I still teach part-time at Vincennes University in the Reading and English Departments and at Frontier College for the Study Skills Department teaching GED classes. I am now teaching Language Arts full-time at a local high school. I have earned endorsements in Language Arts, Teaching Reading, and Technology Education. I still love the students I serve and all of my supervisors – they are all wonderful. I feel blessed to teach full-time at the high school a part-time at the two colleges. While I always dreamed of teaching full-time at the College or University level, I have concluded that just will not happen. I recently interviewed via phone for a position in the English department at one of the colleges that I teach at but sadly, I was not recommended for an on campus interview. I was heartbroken though I know there are many qualified applicants. As an adjunct instructor, I do not have my foot in the door so to speak which it sad. Many people teach as adjuncts all hoping that one day they can teach full-time I wonder how the institutions that they teach at feel. Do they like to promote adjuncts or do they prefer selecting candidates that are not local that often move on within two or three years. As for myself this is my home, I work here, I pay my taxes here, I have raised my children here, and I will remain here. I hope for all other adjuncts that they are promoted to a full-time teaching position or like me make a new dream and teach on the high school level. I continue to work as an adjunct as I enjoy working with college students and with GED students. I know I am blessed and I am very thankful for every one of my blessings.