Teaching full-time is it possible anymore?

I recently graduated with my second master’s degree and am finishing a graduate certificate in rhetoric and composition. There was a time that when you finished a degree you could count on finding full-time employment. Today the promise of full-time employment is elusive. I teach part-time at Vincennes University in the Reading Department and at Olney Central College for the Study Skills Department. I also tutor learning disabled students for the STEP program at Vincennes University and run the reading lab two nights a week. Working 4 part-time jobs is exhausting. I work 54 hours a week between the four jobs. I love the students I serve and all of my supervisors – they are all wonderful. I am blessed to get to do what I want to do for a living. Sadly though I have to be realistic and find a full-time teaching job with retirement and benefits, after all I am not getting any younger. I have loved Vincennes University since I was a small child playing on the campus. We had a neighbor that when I was little worked in the historical buildings on campus and would take me with him to work. I always dreamed of teaching at the University. I am thankful to the University for this Dream, as it kept me motivated to complete my degrees. I have expanded my job search to across the United States and I know I will love my new home but I just love the history of Vincennes Indiana and the life I have here. I hope all the graduates across the US find their special job just like I hope I do. When I get where I am going I will write about the journey.