We all live with secrets, they are burdens that weigh down our souls. No matter how often we say we live an honest life we all know that there are things that we don’t want anyone to know. Maybe it is something you have done when you were young, you feel ashamed, you are not sure what your friends will think of you. Of course real friends do not judge you and hopefully the things you did in your younger days are lessons well learned and are not repeated. These secrets are best shared so history does not repeat itself.

Sometimes a secret goes back deeper than we even know, sometimes we keep secrets from our selves. Secrets that are buried in your mind. These types of secrets keep us sane, keep us from reliving horrible abuse. Every sometimes we get a glimmer of these secrets. A window that flashes in your mind but you just can’t see through it. It is a good thing not to see through it, or you might just see the face that of an uncle, a brother, a father, a neighbor that is doing horrible things. Some secrets are best left hidden.

Other times secrets are new. You find out that you have changed but your too afraid to tell anyone, they might not understand. Sometimes are health robs us from thinking clearly – making it hard to think at all.