Snobbery at the Q

Last night, my husband and I decided to go our and eat. We live in a rural area of Indiana so there are not a lot of choices out there. We thought we would be adventurous and go over to Illinois about 10 miles from us to eat at Q. We had hear that Q was a bit pricey but very nice, eloquent like dining in the “big city”. I guess my husband and I just did not appear high class enough for the owner (chef).

We walk in to an empty restaurant, nicely decorated, lovely looking. No one comes out to greet us until we start to leave. Then the owner comes out dressed as a chef, snorts at us, waves his hand as if to dismiss us, his wife tries to talk to him to see if we could come in and sit down to eat but he has no part of it.

Wow, snobbery in full force in my face, leaving me feeling humiliated. Me, not good enough to eat at a restaurant in Bridgeport Illinois? Wow, this guy clearly has no idea where he is at and what type of crowd will be walking through his doors. Of course those doors won’t be open long.

The world is full of snobs, people that think they are better than every one else. I even have friends that walk around telling others that they should be “published” that they are an intellect. Never realising how terrible they make other people feel.

Snobbery hurts, no one is better than anyone else. These people, these jerks need to get over themselves, look in the mirror and see all their own imperfections and short comings rather than looking at others. Wait, I know the  reason they are snobs is due to their own low self esteem. I don’t feel sorry for them, I feel disgusted with them.


Saying Goodbye

Growing up in the military for a kid can be hard at times. There are a lot of goodbyes. You never know if your parent will come home when they leave; if you’re at war. There is always an ominous feeling when you see you Dad or Mom out all their things on the floor and neatly pack them in a duffel bag. You know that soon you’ll be saying good bye again. When I was a kid there was no email, or phone calls no contact once your parent left for me it was my Dad.

I would sit beside him on the floor as he packed his things and made sure that he had everything. I never knew where he was off too or when he would be back. There were no big parades and send offs, not like it is today. I guess they thought that this was best on the kids or perhaps the safest way since people had come to object to the Viet Nam war.

One item that my Dad always packed was a little silver tea pot; he would carefully wrap it up and put it in the center of his duffel bag. It was a piece of home, every night my Dad would brew himself a cup of hot tea just like we would do at home. In some way it must have made him feel like he was not so far away.

I have that tea pot sitting up on my shelf at home, I look at it often and think about all the times my Dad went away and came home. I was one of the lucky kids my Dad came home. He came home from Korea when I was 1; he came home twice from Viet Nam, like I said I was lucky. I have friends that never saw their Dad again.

The little tea pot is dented and my Dad gingerly wrapped a rope around the handle so as not to burn his hand when he removed it from the stove. My Dad is gone now but having the tea pot is like having him close to me.

It is the Christmas season and I am once again reminded how lucky I was to have such a great Dad.

Just Another Saturday

Well, just another Saturday but it is the 4th of July. Planning on going to a cookout tonight, always fun. Chip and Mary Ann always have the best fireworks and everyone brings food. Looking forward to seeing AJ. AJ is a neat kid, my friends son. He was injured at the age of 2 that has left him partially paralyzed on the right side, vision impaired and has other difficulties but he has come a long way. Can’t wait to see him, he lives in California now.

Did I mention I live in Vincennes Indiana, small town in Southern Indiana. I have lived all over the United States, grew up  in the military and also lived in Europe. I have been lucky to travel but now I am lucky to have a place to call home.

Great friends like Lori J and Lori C, Mary Ann and Chip, Michele and Randy, Lilian and AJ then there are the snots. I will tell you more later about all of them. I have other good friends too like Ruth – she helped me snag a husband! Steve, Linda, Dave, Pam and Maggie – stories and memories galore.

Life is hectic – I am in grad school, I work full time and teach as an Adjunct in the Reading Department. No time for fun, seems like homework all the time! My goal is to teach full-time at  the University level once I graduate, just have to make it through.

I want to write about my memories before they are long gone, gather my thoughts and discuss my future. Life has been sad, hard, happy and wonderful.

Tomorrow I want to write about the tea pot and my Dad, talk to you then.